Available for nearly all types of turning machinery

Spindle liner tubes

Spindle liner tubes SER 

Available for nearly all lathe types

  • 1 mm increments
  • Adjusted for exact fit
  • Delivered ready to install
  • Aligned and balanced 
  • Optimize the guide of the bar stock in the machine spindle
  • Minimize vibrations
  • Increase the surface quality of the workpieces
  • Extend the useful spindle length by up to 250 mm


  • Profiled design
  • Surface protection (passivating)
  • Balance dynamically
  • Special versions on request

Types of spindle liner tubes SER

Spindle liner tube in spindle length

Extended spindle liner tube expands the useful spindle length by up to 250 mm.
Extension of the coolant collecting tank as reach-in protection and return feed of escaped coolant.

Spindle liner tube with guide bushings for intermediate sizes or bars with sensitive surfaces.

Dynamically balanced spindle liner tubes for spindle extension.