The Company

More than 50 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of bar feed systems, loading magazines, workpiece loading systems, unloading systems as well as special machinery. Made in Baden-Württemberg.

The provision of practice and customer-oriented systems contributing to the economic success of the operator is a core concept of the company’s philosophy. Breuning IRCO considers itself to be one of the leading manufacturers of innovative products of a remarkably high quality. By consistently following our vision of production-optimized designs, we also safeguard strategically orientated production locations. 

The competent and comprehensive advice for users is a standard service at Breuning IRCO, as the success of an automation solution depends very much on setting the course at a very early stage. 

By concentrating on its core competency over the past 50 years the family business has become one of the world’s leading producers of loading and unloading systems for machine tools, and also an expert technology partner for users. 

Breuning IRCO has about 80 employees, who work in service, development, construction, production, administration and sales. 


Erika Laux, Roland Breuning, Andrea Breuning-Kuhn

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Company history


The Mechanikermeister Kurt Breuning founds a metal processing company.


Introducing the product name IRCO. In the same year the first weight-operated bar feed with noise-reduced guide tube is presented.


Moving into the newly-built own company building.


Revolutionizing of bar turning thanks to the newly developed electro bar feeder with Gatling gun style bar.


Construction of a DSN loading magazine for machine tools with gripper.


Construction of the first fully automatic bar loading magazine SLAMA.


The first generation of the fully automatic loading magazin PROFImat goes into serial production.


Change of the company’s name to Kurt Breuning IRCO Maschinenbau GmbH


The first short bar loading system ILS is introduced, allowing for a fully automatic loading of the users’ machinery with low space requirements.


The first unloading system gets delivered. It increases the productivity of the opposed spindle turning center. The same year sees the presentation of the single-channel loading magazine SiMag for the machining of medium to large load sizes.


Another milestone in the company’s history is the delivery of the longest loading and unloading system built until then. Due to its two modified PROFImats workpieces with lengths ranging from 300 mm to 9,300 mm can be loaded and unloaded.


The until-then biggest multi-channel loading magazine with a bar diameter of 184 mm gets delivered.


For bar diameters of 3 mm to 28 mm the MiMo is built and delivered.


All loading magazines are fitted with a servo drive.


Roland Breuning, the son of the company founder Kurt Breuning, is appointed as managing director.


The RBK gets a new design. The largest RBK for workpiece diameters of up to 160 mm is constructed.


Opening of the 1,000 m2 assembly facility with modern paint shop at the new location.


Expansion by another assembly facility with a production surface of more than 800 m2.


Construction of the first fully automatic steady rest guiding system with loading and unloading portal.


The steady rest centre is designed for the machining of bars on both sides


On 1 June the company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Despite the global economic crisis a new administration building can be constructed and occupied.


All long magazines are fitted with the new glass cover design.


After a life span of 11 successful years the RBK gets superseded by the MUK 100.


The PROFImat – now in its fourth generation – has been built for 30 years.


The ILS-MUK shines in a new design.