Automatic lathe unloading system


Completely automatic precision unloading ILS-REX + ILS-TEX

Application area:

  • Ideal for medium to large-sized batches


  • Gentle reloading of the workpieces by the machine spindle
  • High degree of operating comfort thanks to a 14.5-cm (5.7") graphic touch display
  • Large storage capacity

Working range:

  • Round material diameters: maximum 80 mm / 100 mm
  • Profile material: enveloping circle from 80 mm / 100 mm only possible with ILS-TEX
  • Bar lengths: maximum 800 mm / 1200 mm (other lengths available upon request)

Special features:

  • Easy replacement of the spindle liner tubes thanks to radial slide of the magazine (optionally axial slide)


Unloading pusher with clamping sleeve for removing workpieces from the clamping device and positioning them onto the indexed conveyor

 ILS-TEX unloading system with indexed conveyor

 ILS-REX unloading system with chute

Sliding device for changing the spindle filler tubes on the lathe

Special glass cover

The inner workings of the loading magazine are visible through the cover made of special glass. This cover is easy to remove for service and cleaning purposes.

LED light strip 

Automatic mode 

Reloading cycle


Display with touch screen 

  • 5.7“ (14.5 cm) graphical touch display

  • Simple to operate thanks to graphical display of the functions

  • Displays in different languages

  • Software updates are easy thanks to integrated USB interface

In order to optimize your manufacturing process we are happy to customize the loader to your respective operational situation. Thanks to the modular construction of our serial products we are able to cover a large number of application scenarios, thus combining the highest-possible quality in the series with highly specific, individual solutions.

Our standard geometries: